Hans Makart’s Technicolor Dream House: Decoration and Subjectivity in Nineteenth-Century Vienna

Eric Anderson

Understanding the Viennese artist Hans Makart’s studio requires looking beyond style to matters of science and commerce, subjectivity and power. 

The Birth of the Archaeological Vision: From Antiquaries to Archaeologists

Alain Schnapp

Since the middle of the nineteenth century, archaeology has been firmly established as a specific way of exploring the past. So where, then, is the dividing line between history and archaeology?

Threats and Promises: The Marketing and Promotion of Electric Lighting to Women in the United States, 1880s-1960s

Margaret Maile Petty

Examining the development of a specific gendered discourse driven by the electrical industry that united key beliefs about feminine beauty, identity, and the domestic interior.

Crystalline Bodies: Fragments of a Cultural History of Glass

Jeffrey T. Schnapp

Within the framework of an overall theory of the cultural history of materials, this article reconstructs the role of tempered glass in the modernist imagination.

A Bad Month for Books

Leah Price

What does Lauren Conrad have in common with Rimsha Masih? One is an American reality TV star who parlayed her MTV persona into a do-it-yourself website, a fashion line, and several semiautobiographical novels; the other is an illiterate Pakistani Christian.

A Portrait of Homo Velox

Jeffrey T. Schnapp

How does one portray the human subject of speed? Both in terms of able bodies and quick wits?

The Administration of Things: A Genealogy

Ben Kafka

What does it mean to "replace the government of persons by the administration of things?" And what do we do about all this paperwork?

From Pahlavi Isfahan to Pacific Shangri La: Reviving, Restoring, and Reinventing Safavid Aesthetics, ca. 1920–40

Keelan Overton

This article considers the relationship between self-conscious cultural reawakening in early Pahlavi Iran and the cotemporaneous vogue for Persian art and aesthetics in the United States.

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