Translated Text

Questions of Fashion by Lilly Reich

Introduction by Robin Schuldenfrei; Translated by Annika Fisher

"For whom do these luxury workshops exist? What results are produced by the limitless workforce, the vast amounts of materials, and the enormous sums of money involved?"

Glass: The Fundamental Material of Modern Architecture by Le Corbusier

Introduction by Tim Benton; Selected and Translated by Paul Stirton

Newly translated into English, these extracts from Le Corbusier appeared in French, Czech, and German in the Prague journal Tchéco-Verre in 1935.


From the Arsenal to the Laboratory (1928) by Aby Warburg

Introduction by Claudia Wedepohl; Translated by Christopher D. Johnson

An unusual firsthand account of the origins of the distinct approach to the history of images developed by Aby Warburg.

Passages from Why I Became an Architect by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky

Selected and Translated by Juliet Kinchin

These extracts outline Schütte-Lihotzky’s working methods, the concerns that lay behind the design of the Frankfurt Kitchen, and something of her larger ideas about design and the status of women.