Crystalline Bodies: Fragments of a Cultural History of Glass

Jeffrey T. Schnapp

Within the framework of an overall theory of the cultural history of materials, this article reconstructs the role of tempered glass in the modernist imagination.

The Bauhaus in Calcutta: An Encounter of the Cosmopolitan Avant-Garde [Exhibition Review]

Reviewed by Antonia Behan

The encounter between Bauhauslers and the Bengali avant-garde in 1922 has long tantalized scholars of South Asian modernism. 

Passages from Why I Became an Architect by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky

Selected and Translated by Juliet Kinchin

These extracts outline Schütte-Lihotzky’s working methods, the concerns that lay behind the design of the Frankfurt Kitchen, and something of her larger ideas about design and the status of women.

The Administration of Things: A Genealogy

Ben Kafka

What does it mean to "replace the government of persons by the administration of things?" And what do we do about all this paperwork?

Notes from the Field

Hobby Businesses
Ken Ames

People are still wondering what happened to the antiques business. Until recently, the trade was a stable and enduring fixture of American culture and commerce. It seemed to only grow stronger with every passing year. But it has indeed fallen on hard times...

A Question of Value
Ken Ames

It started with shoes. I bought a pair two and a half years ago at an outlet in Freeport, Maine. I paid $100. Something of a departure purchase, these shoes were unlike any I had previously owned but swiftly became my favorites. They felt good on and looked great. About six months ago, however, one shoe...

Design and Disaster: Kon Wajiro’s Modernologio at Parsons
Jilly Traganou

Fifteen years ago, I first discovered the work of Kon Wajiro (1888-1973) at a library in Tokyo. I was immediately captivated by the intimacy of his meticulous ink drawings. Looking at his work felt like peeking into someone's closet and being afforded a view of their most intimate belongings...

Conference Notes
Notes on the Marking Language Seminar at the Drawing Room in London
Kim Dhillon

In the past four years, we have seen a renewed interest in text as visual art form as evidenced in a surge of exhibitions that survey contemporary art and its relationship to written language. One of the most recent was a twinned exhibition examining written communication and drawing...

The Great Chair Exhibition
Ken Ames

The great chair exhibition has come and gone. I am referring here to the exhibition of sixteen mid-eighteenth-century chairs that took place at Bernard & S. Dean Levy on East 84th Street from January 20 through February 3 of this year...